Boolean custom attributes in user pool


This is really strange but in CDK I can do this:

    const userPool = new UserPool(stack, ID.USER_POOL_ID, {
        userPoolName: ID.USER_POOL_NAME,
        customAttributes: {
            something: new cognito.BooleanAttribute({mutable: true})

but in the console, my only choices for attribute types are String and Number, no Boolean. What is that about? The console documentation agrees that there's only string and number, but the CloudFormation Documentation includes a boolean type.

Enter image description here

but if you create it in CDK, it shows up and clearly knows it's a bool:

Enter image description here

Is there some reason the console / create user pool doesn't expose this ability?

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1 Answer

Hello wz2b,

Thank you for contacting AWS Customer Support regarding the availability of Boolean and DateTime custom attributes in user pool. We have identified that this issue due to an internal alignment with Cognito User Pools API which handles these attributes as Strings. To resolve this issue, we advise you to choose String as a data type for Boolean and DateTime values in the console.

Meanwhile, we are investigating a permanent resolution to this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience it has had on your organization. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue for you.

Thank you for being a valued AWS customer.

AWS Customer Support

answered 9 months ago

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