Why did CloudTrail use up all my free S3 tier-1 in 24 hrs?


I enabled CloudTrail to debug some sns interaction. I stored them to a new s3 bucket. I also enabled management events as part of this trail.

The next day I got an alert that I was hitting my free tier limit.

  • 2000.0 Requests for free for 12 months as part of AWS Free Usage Tier (Global-Requests-Tier1) It appears that relates to Puts to s3 (using object lambdas? )

I have about 100 events from my sns and 1900 from aws management.

On the pricing page it states : You can deliver one copy of your ongoing management events to your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket for free by creating trails. Limits may apply.

I have stopped management event logging.

Did I misconfigure something? Do I need to make a separate bucket or trail for management events? Did I misunderstand the pricing?

1 Answer

it would be worth going through https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/remove-duplicate-cloudtrail-events/ to check your configuration - possibly you're logging each management event more than once.

answered 14 days ago
  • All of my regions have ~150-200 free events USW2 has 11 paid events and 3700 free events

    AWS CloudTrail USW2-DataEventsRecorded USD 0.00 0.000001 per data event recorded in US West (Oregon) region 11 Events USD 0.00 AWS CloudTrail USW2-FreeEventsRecorded USD 0.00 0.0 per free event recorded in US West (Oregon) region 3,747 Events

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