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So basically my company is using AWS to store Archival data. I set up a bucket and Storage Gateway to access AWS from the servers which I'm uploading to AWS from. I'm just about done and I have about 6 TBs of data in AWS in the bucket I made... But now I realized I should of made the bucket in a different manner with the 'never delete' and versioning enabled since these are archive files which will be access seldomly and we just simply don't want to lose them.

I have created a bucket with those features (I apparently cannot enable these things on a bucket already made) but now need to move the data from the initial bucket to the new one.

If I just run the

aws s3 cp s3://Sourcebucket/ s3://Targetbucket/

This should work? After the Copy finishes and I verify everything got copied over I should be able to delete the contents of the source bucket?

After I kick this off, can close the CLI window any the copying will just continue on? Is there a way to see the progress of the copying?

Thanks for any input!

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You should be able to enable Versioning on the existing bucket. Here is a link to an article on how to do that:

This will also prevent accidental deletion of objects in that bucket as deleting an object will add a deletion flag rather than actually deleting the object. Here's another great article on protecting a bucket against object deletion:

As these are "archive files which will be accessed seldomly" you should consider use Intelligent Tiering or Lifecycles to move objects to other tiers to save money.

Apologies for not directly answering your questions but I hope this helps and saves time and effort.


answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply Evan!

I actually got this solved by contacting AWS cust support. They walked me through changing the existing bucket to a Protected bucked by leveraging CLI and a tolken that cust service supplied to me.

Bucket is now protected and i don't need to mess with transferring everything to a different bucket!


answered 2 years ago

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