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Users in Workmail unable to use WorkDocs integration


Using the same AD, users were set up with WorkMail and Workdocs access. However the users are unable to save files received in WorkMail in their WorkDocs and are receiving "Looks like you are not enabled in WorkDocs" error.

The same users are marked as active and have been using WorkDocs already. There are no issues in downloading attachments to their VM / laptops. Ideally would like them to have the ability to save files straight in WorkDocs.

  • WorkMail and WorkDocs are in the same Region right?

  • Yes, the users are in the same region. I did set up some IP limitations to restrict access.

  • Which type of directory are you using?

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with combining WorkMail and WorkDocs. I checked with the service team but there are now know problems. Some suggestions they made was to verify the user has enough storage in WorkDocs and that they do not use a Guest Role.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 2 months ago
  • All users have either normal role or power user role in workdocs They have not reached their limit either (<1MB uploaded on 1 TB limit)

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