Throttling Error in lambda


I have created a custom widget for log insight query.when is refresh and try to reload I am getting the below error sometimes. Do I need to change any configuration settings in lambda function.

{ "message": "Rate exceeded", "code": "ThrottlingException", "time": "2022-09-15T04:52:02.796Z", "requestId": "312412399-758e-4729-9c41-dbaacac1a82e5b", "statusCode": 400, "retryable": true }

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Please take a look at the Lambda quotas page -

In particular, note this message:

Important New AWS accounts have reduced concurrency and memory quotas. AWS raises these quotas automatically based on your usage. You can also request a quota increase.

It is possible that you are running into account level quotas for lambda. Please request increases in quotas for your account or work with AWS support.

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answered 2 years ago

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