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Database in Amazon Glue


Hi, I would like to know, when crawling the data from s3 in order to create a database; does the database must be a relational database ? It can have tables that no relation with other tables ?

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The "database" in your question is the Glue Data Catalog database. By crawling data files in S3, you are discovering the schema (metadata) from the data files and creating table(s) in a database as relational representation of the data. So, the answer is "no". It will not be a truly relational database. It is a Glue Data Catalog database object. You do not even need to pre-create the database, you may let crawler create it for you if not exist.

answered 2 months ago
  • If i undestand, it will not neither a truly relational database on Athena ?

  • What is a truly relational database? This is not an Oracle or MySQL, etc. Athena is an SQL engine that allows you to write SQL statements and retrieve data from files in S3 (and many other data sources), including the ability to join "tables", similar to what you can do with a "true" RDBMS.

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