Connection error when registering a Monitron gateway



I am registering a gateway with Monitron App on Pixel 4 (USA) running the latest OS.
I am able to (1) Push the button on the case to enter the commissioning mode and (2) Find and click the gateway on the screen to allow pairing with the gateway.
However an error message “Couldn’t connect to the Monitron service. Please check your phone’s internet connection and try again." is shown every time I try to register it.
I am sure my phone is connected and I can pair sensors. So I believe my account and project are okay.

Please share any ideas that may solve this. Thank you!


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1 Answer

Solved. This error was caused because the gateway had been associated with a different project, though the error message was a bit confusing (it said it's a network connection error). Thanks.

answered 3 years ago

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