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/Programmatically setting Inbound rule of Security group as local IP using CloudFormation/

Programmatically setting Inbound rule of Security group as local IP using CloudFormation


Hi Team, I am trying to change the CloudFormation stack of Redshift which has security group inbound rule as which is a violation of my requirement. Can I programmatically set this to my local IP( same way as we choose source as my IP in AWS console)? If yes, please help me on the steps to do so.

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Yes you can specify a more granular ingress security group rule. The Redshift Cloudformation Cluster Security Group Ingress page provides the appropriate guidance on how to add that parameter to your Cloudformation template and some examples.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi Allison_P, Thank you so much for the reply. I have gone through the link but every time, the user needs to hardcode whenever they run the stack. But, the requirement here is the stack automatically fetch the IP of user system i.e., Whoever runs it, it should fetch and update the value instead of hardcoding. Please guide me here if you have any other views on the approach.

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