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Is there a service to move a database from MSSQL to MySQL (both hosted on AWS)


I have a database on my company's AWS server. We have hundreds but I am only concerned with two. Both are hosted on AWS. One is a MS SQL server and the other a MySQL.

I need to periodically move an entire database from MSSQL to MySQL. They are large databases so MySQL workbench and SSIS often fail due to size. ~1-2 million records. Less than 10GB data.

I have seen mentions of an Amazon service called DMS. Is there a service on Amazon that can do this? I do not need a permanent connection or sync between the two. Just 3-4 times a month to move the database.

I do not want to mention this to my Workgroup until I know it can be done. Is Data Migration Service the tool I need? Are there any other AWS solutions ?

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Yes, AWS Database Migration Service should be able to help with this scenario. Please refer to the below documentation to understand the supported versions, limitations, etc. I would recommend you to test it to see if covers your entire use case.

Using a Microsoft SQL Server database as a source for AWS DMS

Using a MySQL-compatible database as a target for AWS Database Migration Service

answered 8 months ago

Yes, You can migrate SQL Server database to MySQL using AWS Schema Conversation Tool (SCT) & AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) . As you mentioned you only need this migration for few times a month, you may choose the migration type as 'full load of existing data' while creating the migration.

Here is the step by step guide (it should have similar steps for RDS MySQL ) -

answered 8 months ago
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answered 8 months ago

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