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I see on AWS batch help page somewhere, it was mentioned that we can provide a our application as a zip file in a job and our application will be directly executed inside an EC2 instance without the need of a docker instance.
I have not seen a single example of such kind on internet. Is anyone aware if there is a way to use AWS batch without using a docker image?

Definition of Job from AWS official documentation:
A unit of work (such as a shell script, a Linux executable, or a Docker container image) that you submit to AWS Batch.


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Dear Sid,

AWS Batch supports the job that can executed as a Docker container. AWS Batch uses Amazon ECS to execute containerized jobs by making use of ECS Agent installed on the EC2 instance(Container instance).

For example- when you create a Batch Compute environment, an ECS cluster is created in the backend. AWS Batch only supports containerized applications. It is not possible to run non-containerized workloads on AWS Batch.

For you use-case of uploading an application bundle and running your app on EC2 instances, please consider looking into our Elastic beanstalk service-


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