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/Permission problem in Cloudformation/

Permission problem in Cloudformation


Cloudformation create-stack generates an Athena access denied while writing error. The problem is generated when writing to the athena-results bucket. I'm logged in with a SSO role with AdministratorAccess access via CLI.

I can create the specified object from the command line via "aws s3 cp" and I'm able to execute "aws athena start-query-execution" without trouble. It's only via cloudformation.

Bellow the specific error: ResourceStatus: CREATE_FAILED ResourceStatusReason: 'Resource handler returned message: "[Simba]AthenaJDBC An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. Access denied when writing to location: s3://cost-athena-results-123456789012/8fefd451-2a3f-4bc9-881e-84061de8db91.csv [Execution ID: 8fefd451-2a3f-4bc9-881e-84061de8db91]" (RequestToken: b0d4b7d5-998b-6ca8-22c6-657fa2433fe8, HandlerErrorCode: null)' ResourceType: AWS::QuickSight::DataSource

1 Answers

If you are trying to connect to Athena from QuickSight, you also need to authorize QuickSight to access S3:

answered 2 months ago

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