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By default, when you send messages to recipients in India, Amazon Pinpoint SMS uses International Long-Distance Operator (ILDO) routes to transmit those messages.

We expect our volume of messages to India to be low and so to avoid having to go through India's lengthy registration process, we plan to send messages over ILDO even though the cost is higher. Can we still use a (unregistered) SenderID for this or do we have to use some other type of origination identity? If we can use a SenderID, does that SenderID have to conform to India's SenderID requirements (e.g. 4-6 characters in length)? I understand that a random numeric ID will be displayed to the recipient rather than the SenderID.

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You can use a (unregistered) SenderID for this. It will be random numbers that are sent to handset. However, for this use case, I would recommend a short code because there will be no opt out mechanism for recipients so you should be providing them an alternative way of opting out to be in compliance.

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Based on the documentation, here are the key points regarding sending SMS messages to India using Amazon Pinpoint:

By default, Pinpoint uses International Long-Distance Operator (ILDO) routes to send messages to India which have a higher cost. With ILDO routes, recipients will see a random numeric ID instead of your sender ID.

To use a custom sender ID, you need to send messages through local routes instead of ILDO routes. However, to use local routes you must register with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) which has certain requirements like providing your PAN, TAN, GSTIN numbers.

The registration process allows you to receive an Entity ID and Template ID which must be specified when sending messages locally. This is designed to reduce unsolicited messages and protect consumers.

If sending volume to India is low, using the higher cost ILDO routes is an option without needing India registration. In this case, you can still use a sender ID but recipients will see a random ID instead of your specified sender ID.

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