I don't see Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings container


Hi, I'm newbie in AWS and I would like to send newsletter via Awazon SES service. I'm following this documentation : https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/dg/smtp-credentials.html and I completed the verification of a domain. Now I blocked on point number 3 (In the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings container, choose Create SMTP Credentials in the lower-left corner - the IAM console will open) because I don't see this cointainer. I'm logged in as root and not IAM user. I created it and neither logged as IAM user I don't see any SMTP area. Whato I'm doing wrong? How to create iam:ListUsers, iam:CreateUser, iam:CreateAccessKey, and iam:PutUserPolicy ? Thank you very much

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I have verified that I too do not see SMTP credential option from within the iam console but when I go to "Create SMTP Credentials" from the SES console I am prompted to provide a username to create an iam user and then I can download the SMTP credentials.

The smtp credential is conversion from the secret access key so can be converted. The doc has some sample python code. In the past I used terraform to generate my iam user get the smtp credentials and store them in secrets manager for my application to use.

answered 2 years ago

Thank you very much Peter, but I understood why I didn't see SMTP credentials: because in Milan region SMTP is not allowed yet. Thanks for support. Regards

answered 2 years ago
  • Hello Marco, I also had selected Milan and there were no Smtp options in the dashboard despite my email account being accepted for the standard limits. Now I have asked for authorization for the same address under the Irish servers, hopefully good. So thank you for this post :)

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