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/Database migration service error DATA_STRUCTURE:SQLite general error. Code <19>/

Database migration service error DATA_STRUCTURE:SQLite general error. Code <19>



We have 18 DMS replicate tasks with origin endpoints from SQL server databases on premises to target ec2 SQL server endpoints. Same database versions. All tasks are replicating with this red status: "Running with errors". we have 2 x r5.2xlarge replication instances. cloudwatch logs are reporting always the same error.

DATA_STRUCTUREE:SQLite general error. Code <19>, Message<UNIQUE constraint failed: events.identifier, events.eventType, events.detailMessage> What is causing this error? We dont know if the replication is going well

1 Answers

You can ignore the SQLite errors.

If your task(s) are in "Running with errors" flag, it implies that the DMS task is running fine, but some of its table(s) have failed.

To find that out, check the "Table Statistics" on the Task page of the DMS Console and see which table(s) are flagged as failed/error there. Then, go to the DMS task logs and search for the table name and you should see the reason why those table(s) failed.

answered 3 months ago
  • Did this work for you?

  • Any idea why these warnings are thrown in the first place? I've got Cloudwatch Alarms monitoring a metric for any errors/warnings so would like to have a better understanding before adjusting my metric to ignore SQLite text

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