How many hours in a month in terms of AWS?


I'm trying to calculate my monthly price based on a configuration but I don't know what number of hours a month I need to multiply by my hourly price. I'm assuming that AWS uses the 24 * 7 * 4 = 672 model but Googling "how many hours in a month" and some related searches tell me that there is a decimal amount of days in a month resulting in approximately 730 hours a month instead. How am I billed in AWS?

It's probably an obvious question but I'm just double checking. :)

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If the service is priced by the hour, then the actual monthly price is simply multiplied by the actual numbers of hours in given month, ie. there is no "monthly price" that would be the same for each month. The beauty of this is, you could actually stop the service (e.g. EC2) for weekends and non-office hours if there is no use and stop paying for it. This would then effect # of hours you are paying for it. For budgeting purposes of things that are running 24/7 it is typical to use 30 days per month (ie. 24h/day * 30day = 720h) that is typically accurate enough for monthly and yearly budgeting purposes.

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The previous response is mostly correct, however AWS uses an average of 730hrs per month for estimating cost. This is listed in the AWS Pricing Calculator assumptions:,%2F%2012%20months%20in%20year).

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