Lightsail Container Linux Deployment fails


Hi, I've tried to deploy an Alpine Linux (AMD64) on a Lightsail Container with one Node and 1GB of RAM. After starting the deployment I get the following error message:

[24/Aug/2022:13:08:44] [deployment:3] Creating your deployment
[24/Aug/2022:13:09:55] [deployment:3] Started 1 new node
[24/Aug/2022:13:10:59] [deployment:3] Started 1 new node
[24/Aug/2022:13:11:57] [deployment:3] Started 1 new node
[24/Aug/2022:13:12:20] [deployment:3] Canceled

Any ideas why this happens? It happens with other Linux distributions too , like Ubuntu 20.4

It runs locally on my docker installation though.

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This appears to be a duplicate of your post in which Syd provided a really informative answer.

If the issues are different, please provide more details.

answered 3 months ago

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