How to Remotely Login to Fleet Instance Using Server SDK 5 - Outdated Documentation


I am attempting to remotely access a fleet instance running a linux game server for debugging. I have reviewed the documentation in [1], however these docs appear to be outdated and incompatible with SDK versions 5 and up. When attempting to run the command get-instance-access in the AWS CLI, I receive the following error: "An error occurred (InvalidRequestException) when calling the GetInstanceAccess operation: This API does not support fleets using builds integrated with GameLift Server SDK 5 and above. Use the GetComputeAccess operation to access this fleet resource." The security credentials retrieved when running get-compute-access are a different format to that of get-instance-access, and I am unsure how to use them to connect to the server instance using SSH.

Thanks in advance, Max


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To connect into a fleet instance running a build with SDK 5, you can run the CLI command get-compute-access to get AWS Systems Manager credentials. These are AWS temporary security credentials, which you can export as environment variables eg:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<AccessKeyId>
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<SecretAccessKey>
export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=<SessionToken>

Using these credentials will let you use SSM Session manager to connect into the instance by running:

aws ssm start-session --target <instanceId>
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