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How to deploy pre-trained model?


I have a pre-trained model that will translate text from English to Marathi. You can find it here...
git clone

Clone and Run the notebook. I am looking for a way to deploy it so that users can use it as an API

The guidelines for deploying the model can be found here...

I will like someone to suggest me the steps to follow to deploy the model.

asked 4 years ago28 views
1 Answer

Hi Shantanu Oak,

The basic idea to deploy model to SageMaker is: 1) Containerize your model. 2) Publish your model to ECR repository and grant SageMaker necessary permissions. 3) Call CreateModel, CreateEndpointConfig and CreateEndpoint to deploy your model to SageMaker.

Per your notebook of training the model, you didn't use any SageMaker sdk to containerize your model automatically, so it is more complicated to start from scratch. You may consider use any of the following sample notebooks with keras to containerize your model first:

answered 4 years ago

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