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I would like to know how could a customer route messages from different devices, e.g. life sciences lab or manufacturing instruments, at the edge using AWS IoT services. The idea is to allow a mesh connectivity at the edge and only some messages will need to be routed to the AWS Cloud for storage or further processing.

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This sounds like a great use case for AWS IoT Greengrass, which is an open source edge runtime and cloud service that can be used to manage IoT applications on your devices. When using AWS IoT Greengrass, there is a concept of a local (MQTT) message broker, which allows client devices deployed at the edge the ability to communicate with other client devices deployed at the edge, with no requirement to send these MQTT messages to the AWS cloud.

There is a good blog post ( and tutorial ( that describe this functionality further.

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answered 13 days ago
  • Thanks @Darren, that sounds like exactly what I've been looking for. I'll dig into the blog post and documentation.

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