I am trying to send emails via SNS for Amazon OpenSearch Notifications


I have followed the AWS tutorial on Sending Amazon SNS alerts for available software updates. However, I don't get an email when there are new notifications in the Notifications pane of my OpenSearch Domain.

Can anyone help?

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I have been able to resolve this. The issue was with permission on SNS. This post was beneficial: https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/eventbridge-rules-troubleshoot

answered 10 months ago
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reviewed 9 days ago

If you have followed all the steps which is mentioned in the below doc, then you would get email notification about the software updates.

To check if the issue is limited to Amazon SNS, send a test email from an external provider to your destination email address. This helps you gauge what kind of traffic is allowed from external sources. Mailboxes within an organization are often limited to internal traffic.

If the mailbox works and has no issues, then complete the steps in the Check for a firewall, spam filter, blockers, or filter policy section [+].

[+] https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/sns-topic-email-notifications

answered 10 months ago
  • I have followed the steps in the docs. However, I configured the rule to send all events (not just Software Updates). Also, concerning the email, SNS is configured to send the email to my personal company email, and that has been tested to work.

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