How to delete MGN archives? and does it charges extra fees?


Hi, I've ran MGN and recently disconnected the Data replication status. and now it's marked as archived. But is there any way to delete this archive? becasue I'm concerned that it may charge me extra fees if it's still in archive. Recourses related to MGN are all deleted such as EC2. Only MGN archive is still remaining.

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Hello there,

I see that you are concerned about the charges you would incur if you keep the server in archive so you would like to delete them. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

I reviewed the MGN Documentation in detail and found that you can mark a source server as archived once it has completed the replication.

If you have completed the actual replication and deleted all the resources that were part of the replication process, archiving the source server would only mean that the source servers that completed the replication process will no longer be visible in the source servers list.

Please note that the option will only make the UI simpler so that the user can monitor the source servers that are yet to complete the replication and cutover. Your actual source servers are not being stored and hence will not incur any charges.

More details on the same here:

Hope this helps.

Harshavardhan G
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answered 3 months ago

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