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/How to escape a comma in a csv file in AWS Glue?/

How to escape a comma in a csv file in AWS Glue?


Customer is using Glue to parse a CSV file.

The issue happens when trying to load a CSV file and one of its text column EQUIPMENT_DESCRIPTION has “,” (Comma) value in it. This column value is identified with text qualifier (double quotes). But the way we currently have our crawler/glue configured, we are not able to parse the column with the text qualifier to ignore comma values in it.

This is causing all the other columns following EQUIPMENT_DESCRIPTION, to be filled with incorrect data including the DATE_COLLECTED column.

How do you configure Glue to ignore this comma?

asked 3 years ago105 views
1 Answers
Accepted Answer

You should confirm that the quote character is configured appropriately in the SerDe properties of the table?

Have a look at Working with CSV Files in Best Practices When Using Athena With AWS Glue.

answered 3 years ago

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