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I need to create a TXT record in Route53 with specific content in the value to allow an alternative cloud provider to verify a custom domain name. When I create the record in Route53 it automatically adds double quotes around the value I enter with no means to delete them. The specific record content I need to create doesn't show quotes as being part of it and this appears to be the only difference in terms of what is expected vs what's returned when queried. As the validation is failing and the record is definitly propgated (tested with nslookup for a response) I'm presuming this is the reason why.

So, can I create a TXT value without quotes, if so how please?


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Hi, hope you are having a great week!

To answer your question, you cannot create the TXT record without double quotation.

TXT records on Route53 have a maximum value of 255 characters. This values are stored in between quotations marks (“value”), but those quotes are not part of the record content, they are there to distinguish the content start and end.

If the value of the record exceeds the 255 characters, the value must be separated into different strings, for example: “value_part1””value_part2”

For more information about TXT records can be found in the following link:

answered 2 years ago

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