Error when deploying AWS Health Events Dashboard



We are deploying AWS health events dashboard in our payer account. Followed the pre-requisites in

In step 2 Data Collection, we run the Management Stack on our payer account/management account. Did not run the Data Collection Stack.

Athena is configured with workgroup name and enquires are configured to save it to S3 bucket. After that we run the deployment steps in

Encountered this error below - 'xxxxxxxxxxxx.optimization_data.health_events_detail_data' does not exist after running the commands below. Would like to check if we miss out any steps for the implementation? And how do resolve this issue? Appreciate any support for this.


=================================================================== Looking by DataSetId defined in template...complete

There are still 1 datasets missing: health_events_view Creating dataset: health_events_view

[athena-workgroup] Select Amazon Athena workgroup to use: CID

[quicksight-datasource-id] Please choose DataSource (Select the first one if not sure): CID-CMD-Athena CID-CMD-Athena (workgroup=CID)

[athena-database] Select AWS Athena database to use: cid_cur Detected views: account_map Missing views: health_events_view {'account_id': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx'}

[data-collection-database-name] Required parameter: data_collection_database_name (Enter the name of the data collection database): optimization_data {'account_id': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'}

[table-name] Required parameter: table_name (Enter the name of the health events table (do not alter)): health_events_detail_data CRITICAL - Athena query failed: line 34:6: Table

'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.optimization_data.health_events_detail_data' does not exist


Thank you Regards Ross

Ross Li
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Accepted Answer

It looks like you're encountering an issue where the required Athena table health_events_detail_data does not exist in the specified database optimization_data. This usually indicates that the data collection stack, which is responsible for creating and populating this table, has not been run or has not completed successfully.

Check Cloudformation outputs and error to check what is going wrong

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answered 4 days ago
  • Hi Giovanni Lauria,

    Thanks for ur advice. Run the data collection stack and the setup was successful

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