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ECS tasks in a Cluster, not linking between them.


Hello, im stuck in this topic. And i dont find clear information for me to solve it. I have different tasks in a Cluster, each task have one container. One container is a DB and needs to be linked with the other containers. The Tasks are in Bridge mode and in the same VPC. But seems like they are not getting link or connected. I still recieve error from one container to reach the DB. Can any one tell me if I should do something else to connect them? Thanks

  • Hello,

    What is the particular error you are getting trying to access the database? There could be a number of things causing this issue...

    1. Is your database being built correctly in the image and available?
    2. Are your permissions set correctly to allow database information flow in your security groups?

    If you need additional assistance, I would suggest creating a support ticket to reach out to an AWS Support Engineer.