How do I troubleshoot HTTP 4XX errors in Amazon Opensearch ?


I can see lot's of 4XX error in cloudwatch for Opensearch. But How do I know what is the exact HTTP code out of 4XX. is it 429, 401 or 400?

I have enabled the error log but I only can see some snapshots error

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Following these steps will help you determine what HTTP status code is being used for the errors you're experiencing in Amazon OpenSearch :

1.Launch the Amazon OpenSearch console. 2.Go to the specific OpenSearch domain you are interested in. 3.In the left navigation pane, click on "Monitoring" to access the "Monitoring" section. 4.Locate the section related to error logs or errors in the monitoring dashboard. 5.You can find information about HTTP status codes in logs or metrics. Depending on the configuration of your OpenSearch domain and the metrics you have enabled, you might find different ways to access HTTP status code information. Here are a few places to check:

CloudWatch Logs: If you have enabled error logging for your OpenSearch domain, the logs will be stored in CloudWatch Logs. You can go to the CloudWatch console, select the appropriate log group associated with your OpenSearch domain, and search for log entries containing the specific HTTP status codes you're interested in (e.g., 429, 401, 400).

CloudWatch Metrics: OpenSearch publishes various metrics to CloudWatch. You can check the CloudWatch console for metrics related to your OpenSearch domain, specifically focusing on metrics related to HTTP status codes. Look for metrics like "4xx Errors" or "HTTP 4xx" to identify the specific HTTP status codes causing errors.

OpenSearch Dashboards: If you have OpenSearch Dashboards enabled for your OpenSearch domain, you can access the dashboards and look for visualizations or logs related to HTTP status codes. OpenSearch Dashboards provides a more user-friendly interface for exploring and analyzing data from your OpenSearch domain.

By investigating these areas, you should be able to identify the exact HTTP status codes within the 4XX range that are causing the errors you're observing in CloudWatch for your OpenSearch domain

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