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/Query Id: ddfe7caf-be98-4c33-a2f1-b50502a22961/

Query Id: ddfe7caf-be98-4c33-a2f1-b50502a22961


My query is showing time out error in athena I want list of s3 objects in csv format from my bucket

asked 4 months ago3 views
2 Answers

You need to consider the volume of data you're trying to scan - not just the amount you expect to retrieve, but how much data will have to be scanned to gather the retrieved data. If you have a lot of data you'll need to partition it and limit your query to target less partitions to avoid timeouts and long queries. As an example, see this blog post about using Partition Projection for Athena queries on CloudTrail logs in S3 -

answered 4 months ago
reviewed 24 days ago

Hi, if you want to understand some specific information on a query execution, your best option is to open a support case.

Athena has a default timeout set to 30 minutes, you can submit a request to change it if you expect the query to run longer that.

Please, clarify the type of Query, possibly sharing it and the DDL of the table as well, if you would like a more precise answer.

Also, please refer to the answer to your other question considering Amazon S3 Inventory , if that could help in your use case.

answered 4 months ago

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