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I'm trying to elaborate with the small shell. First of all, no AMI from AWS with Vivado 2020.2 is available. Probably I can use Vivado 2021.2 to generate IPs, but according to the documentation for the small shell, only Vivado2020.2 is supported for the shell F.1.S.0. May be the documentation is not up to date.

AMI currently used : FPGA Developer AMI, by Amazon Web Services, Latest Version: 1.12.2 Highlights Xilinx Vitis 2021.2(v1.12.x), 2021.1(v1.11.x), 2020.2(v1.10.x) and Free license for F1 FPGA development AWS Integration - includes packages and configurations that provide tight integration with Amazon Web Services

Only Vivado 2021.2 is available with this AMI.

Is it possible today to build the CL for the shell F1S0 with Vivado 2021 ? If not, why does not AWS or Xilinx provide any AMI with Vivado 2020.2 ?

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Your search engine is pointing only to the AMI 1.12.2 if I search Vivado. The link to the FPGA Developer AMI on github aws-fpga is pointing to the AMI 1.12.2 (page

You have to use the search engine with the prompt "FPGA Developer AMI" to find the only AMI from AWS with Vivado2020.2 (with amazon linux 2). version 1.10.5

Thanks for your help

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