When will Lambda support Ruby 3.x?


I know that Lambda runtimes doesn't support Ruby 3.x today and is limited to Ruby 2.7.x. However, I would like to know if/when AWS will add Ruby 3.x runtime support. Is there anything we can do to encourage it?

Ruby 2.7 is EOL soon (March 2023) and Ruby 3.x has been out for 2 years already. Come on AWS, let's get with the program!

  • I have not seen any updates on this from AWS. How are you getting around this issue for now?

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2 Answers

I found an issue on the Lambda Base Images GitHub repo - https://github.com/aws/aws-lambda-base-images/issues/54

answered 4 months ago

In the interim, consider using Custom Lambda runtimes.

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answered 4 months ago

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