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Lightsail Distribution Certificates not validating


Hello all, I'm trying to finish setting up my ssl certificate for a custom domain and the dns records for the certificate don't seem to be validating. How can I resolve this? Please let me know if I need to share anything so you can help assist me since I'm pretty new to AWS. Thanks

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When did you start the certificate validation request? Please note that your new certificate might continue to display a status of Pending validation for up to 30 minutes. {1}

DNS validation should be turned to success immediately as soon as you correctly input the CNAME name and CNAME value in the corresponding Route 53 record name. Please try again and double confirm value of CNAME referred to Domains block in the ACM certificates.

Reference: -- [1]

answered 16 days ago
  • I'm having a similar problem. Used Route 53 to get domain name and trying to get a certificate. Tried 3 times with waits of 1 - 2 days each time. The last time I copied the domain name from R53 and pasted it into the certificate text box...can't figure out the problem. Still pending.

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