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fsx for windows - billing model


Hi, i am evaluating fsx for windows file server. I can not understand, is it a pay-as-you-go service or not? In other words, if I provision a 1TB storage, when it is full, will uploads stop or will I be billed accordingly at the end of the month? Thanks in advance.

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When your Fsx Storage is Full, You cannot upload the files it is like the Disk storage in computers, When disk full you can't do anything right. but You can increase the storage by going into Amazon FSx console, the Amazon FSx API, or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

**Note: **You can only increase the amount of storage capacity for a file system; you cannot decrease storage capacity.

Note Increasing storage capacity is not available for file systems created before June 23, 2019 or file systems restored from a backup belonging to a file system that was created before June 23, 2019.

When you increase the storage capacity of your Amazon FSx file system, behind the scenes, Amazon FSx adds a new, larger set of disks to your file system. The new capacity is available for use within minutes. When the new storage capacity becomes available, you are billed only for the new storage capacity.

Please look at the information from the AWS Docs Managing storage capacity


You can billed the storage amount use provision for the Fsx, Pricing information can be found here

Example from AWS Pricing Page:

Total monthly charge:

Storage: 5 TB x $0.025 GB-month= $128/mo

Throughput: 16 MBps x $4.50/MBps-month= $72/mo

Backup: 5 TB x $0.050/GB-month = $256/mo

Total monthly charge: $456 ($0.045/GB-mo for 10TB of data)

answered 6 months ago

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