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I am the new operations person on our companies account and trying to renew a AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) SSL/TLS certificate. The cert is set to be renewed through email validation, but I do not have access to any of the Registered Owners email address. Is there a way to get this renewed any other way?

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Hi, I understand that you are trying to renew your SSL/TLS certificate but you are not able to access the registered owner's email.

Unfortunately, the ACM certificates renewal process requires the owner's validation email. Please refer this link for further details.

There is however another process to manage certificate renewal through DNS Validation. If you request a certificate for your website and select DNS as the validation method, ACM creates two records for you. You can then use the values to validate domain ownership and have ACM issue your certificate. I am attaching the documentation for that here.

Once that is completed you can replace the old certificate that uses email validation with the new certificate that uses DNS validation. So long as the CNAME value can still are accessible via public DNS and the certificate is associated with an AWS resource ACM will be able to automatically renew the DNS certificate as well.

If you have any further questions, and feel free to reach out to us via a support case ticket to facilitate a discussion on the specifics of your resources:

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