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/Working around AWS VPN MTU limits/

Working around AWS VPN MTU limits


Is anyone aware of a solution/customer who has implemented the following requirements:

  1. They require IPsec over DX
  2. They need effective MTU (i.e. original packet not counting IPsec overhead) >= 1500 over IPsec as they don't/can't control host MTU settings, and they use DF 1. They don’t allow ICMP in their network so path MTU discovery is out 2. They don’t like TCP mss-adjust on the IPsec headends

One solution I can think of is EC2 IPsec termination in a VPC via Private VIF (this allows the higher MTU). Then VPC attachment (as opposed to VPN) from the VPC to a TGW and deploy automation to handle failover.

I also understand GWLB won’t help here as it’s a two-armed appliance (IPsec and ENI out towards TGW VPC attachment)

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Accepted Answer

For traffic to leave a VPC with over 1500 byte MTU you need a transit VIF or private VIF (with jumbo frames enabled) or have an intermediary third-party device that fragments packets.

You'd still need fragmentation if you use GWLB unless using transit VIF or private VIF.

answered 2 years ago

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