I cant resubmit my model to deep racer


Hi, I want to resubmit my model to deep racer but it is not refreshing screen after evaluation. It constantly shows "Couldn't retrieve your latest submission for this leaderboard"

It happened after I deleted model was bad but it was already submitted to 2022 re:Invent Warm Up

  • I have a similar issue. I cannot submit any new model. I deleted all new models I trained and created for the last 12 hours but still seeing the issues. I wasted 12 hours of training time and money :-/

  • I too have the same issue, I have the option to submit but, the progress does not show up. It says the last model was submitted on 4th.

  • Looks like it accepts new model its just not updating stats from it :( as latest submit was successful and got better time. But annoying i cant see latest stats and video :(

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Hello, "Couldn't retrieve your latest submission for this leaderboard" usually means one of two things: either you got logged out and the API calls are no longer working or you lost permissions to access the page. If this is a public race and you are confident that the admin could not remove your access, refresh the page - it usually then takes me to the login page. Alternatively, when using SSO portal, I've seen the AWS console confused about what I was and wasn't permitted to do after switching between my roles. In such case logging out and back in usually was enough to clean up and align my role and permissions.

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