PostgreSQL "to_timestamp" function in RDS Data Service command batchExecuteStatement


hi, I'm trying to use the postgresql "to_timestamp" function inside a RDS Data Service batchExecuteStatement calls of the AWS Javascript SDK.

I set the parameterSets to an array. An element of the array is:

{ name: 'received_on', typeHint: 'TIMESTAMP', value: { stringValue: 'to_timestamp(' + record.received_on + ')' } },

where record.received_on is an epoch time like 1644417054153 (I also tested 1644417054.153). The execution of the code throw this error: Cannot parse date or time "to_timestamp(164441704.153)"

Where is the problem? Thanks

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1 Answer

Hi From PostgreSQL doc:

to_timestamp(double precision)

examples in the link indicating something like:

SELECT to_timestamp(982384720.12); Result: 2001-02-17 04:38:40.12+00

Your data to_timestamp(164441704.153) seems to have one more precision.

answered 2 years ago

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