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Can you edit the data in an Amazon QuickSight dashboard after it's published?


We have a table visual that includes a raw data dimension and another dimension that's a calculated field. The calculated field dimension has a dependency on the raw data dimension in the table.

Two questions in this scenario:

  1. Can we edit the data displayed in the table after the dashboard is published?

  2. If we can edit the dashboard after it's published, and a change is made to the raw data dimension, would there be a change in the calculated field in the same table if the calculated field includes a dependency?

asked 2 years ago404 views
1 Answers
Accepted Answer

An Amazon QuickSight dashboard is a read-only snapshot of an analysis, so the the data displayed within a published dashboard can't be edited.

To allow dashboard users to use a calculation within a dashboard and transform data that is shown in an analysis, you can use parameters in Amazon QuickSight.

answered 2 years ago

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