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is there an equivalent library for neptune like APOC for Neo4j ?


Neo4j supports APOC procedures which are abstract and easy to work with. Are there any open source libraries or plans to create libraries similar to apoc?

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Hello and thanks for the question. Currently, Amazon Neptune implements openCypher which does not include support for APOC libraries. However, we are interested in the features and capabilities that people would like to see provided. Do you have specific APOC libraries and/or other capabilities that you are interested in using along with openCypher on Amazon Neptune?

As a side note, Amazon Neptune supports both openCypher and Apache TinkerPop Gremlin queries over the same data. This gives you additional capabilities by being able to mix and match query languages as needed.

answered a month ago
  • Hi Thanks for the answer. We already use cypher quite a lot and it would be difficult to migrate that to Gremlin but I'll definitely consider the option of mix and match. We specifically use CALL apoc.path.subgraphNodes, apoc.create.uuid() . If we have to use Neptune, we need to find a way to do what these procedures do. Is there any possibility of that?

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