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AppStream 2.0 Assign Elastic IP


Is it possible to assign an elastic IP to an AppStream instance? Interested for both streaming instances and image builder instances.

It seems that they are automatically assigned when the instances are in public subnets, with no way to use an already provisioned elastic IP.

2 Answers

As a best practice, we recommend you deploy your image builder and fleet instances in private subnets. This means each fleet instance will access the internet via a corresponding NAT gateway. Each NAT gateway has an elastic IP address that doesn't change.

AppStream 2.0 is non-persistent. After the session is ended, the underlying instance is terminated. I don't recommend editing network interfaces, as that is not a scalable solution.

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answered 8 months ago
  • In this case I needed a quick way to have a static IP on my Image Builder, so the accepted answer worked. But I agree, your answer is the "best practice"

Accepted Answer

can you see the nic in ec2 network interfaces page, if so it's worth reserving an elastic ip and trying to bind it outside of appStream if the image builder natively doesn't support static IP

answered 8 months ago

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