Frozen dashboard - servers stuck on stopping and pending?



This morning everything was working fine, we currently only have a few EC2 instances running. For no reason the main instance that hosts our site froze. I couldn't even SSH into it:

I tried stopping it, force stopping it and its stuck in a stopping state.

This guide said create a replacement instance while I post here for a resolution. Which I did but now thats stuck in the pending state:

Can someone let me know if there's anything else I can do? Our services are down and we've no way to recover this at the minute.

  • Jon
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3 Answers

Our main instance has stopped. For whatever reason it took over half an hour where as it normally stops in a minute or so.

answered 2 years ago

We're also having issues. Our production instance was unresponsive so I rebooted it and things just got worse form there on! It's now stuck in a pending state and says the volumes are impaired. Can't stop or reboot it now and it's been stuck that way for over half an hour. Not what I wanted first thing on a monday morning :-(

answered 2 years ago

There's an "EC2 operational issue" affecting euw2-az3 (eu-west-2b) - which was logged starting at February 1, 2021 at 12:24:33 PM UTC (but we were seeing issues before that).

It's showing on my "Personal Health Dashboard" - but on the "Affected resources" tab of the issue, it's not showing the instance which is stuck in a pending state (due to the volume being "impaired").

I cannot force detach the volume from the instance; the only instance option I have is terminate - but this fails from the AWS Management Console with the error "The instance ... may not be terminated. Modify its 'disableApiTermination' instance attribute and try again."

answered 2 years ago

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