AWS App Runner build failing for my Django app


Hello, I am new to AWS App Runner and I am trying to deploy my Django app on App Runner but the build keeps failing. I get an error that says "Web ACLs are not available for the selected service "service ARN" because the service does not exist or is in an invalid state for association". I am using eu-west-3 region.

Also, here are the last few lines of the deployment log:

03-24-2024 02:45:00 PM [AppRunner] Successfully pulled your application source code. 03-24-2024 02:45:01 PM [AppRunner] Successfully validate configuration file. 03-24-2024 02:45:02 PM [AppRunner] Starting source code build. 03-24-2024 02:45:51 PM [AppRunner] Failed to build your application source code. Reason: Failed to execute 'build' command.

I followed this tutorial:

What could be the issue? Could it be this Web ACLs problem that is preventing the build from completing?

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Did you try to build and run your Docker container locally? does it work? Build failures typically stem from problems within the application code or its dependencies. Could you please provide the apprunner.yaml file? Make sure to replace the placeholder ARN arn:aws:secretsmanager:eu-west-1:111122223333:secret:my-django-database-secret-kh2vEL with your actual AWS Secrets Manager ARN.

Here's an example of how your YAML file should be structured:


Replace <REGION> with your AWS region (e.g., eu-west-3) and <ACCOUNT_ID> with your AWS account ID.

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