EMR notebook Spark not able to load imported External Jar


I am trying to use EMR notebook in combined with a custom jar stored in S3.

I can easily include the jar in spark-shell by running:

spark-shell --jars <S3 jar path>

I want to achieve the same thing in EMR Spark Notebook. I have tried below solution:

%%configure -f
{ "conf":{
          "spark.jars": "<S3 jar path>"
    "jars": ["S3 jar path"] 

I can see that the jar is included in spark context, but when I then try to import class from the jar, I get the below error:

<console>:23: error: object ... is not a member of package com

Anyone has any idea about how to use custom jar in EMR Spark notebook?

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1 Answer

Configuration looks correct to me. I would suggest to look into your import and see there is any issue with importing specific package or may need to add it to classpath before import. I could find similar issue reported here.


answered a year ago

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