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Hello guys!

I have an algo VPN-server hosted in the AWS cloud, and I would like redirect external HTTP-request (from global internet), that comes, for example, to Load Balancer to be redirected to the PC inside my VPN-network. HTTP-request chain: client -> aws load balancer -> VPN-cloud -> My PC running server

Any ideas how to do it?

I was thinking on launching an extra EC2-instance with VPN-client and proxy-server on board, so the sequence would be following: HTTP-request -> Load Balancer -> EC2-Instance -> PC in VPN. But I'm not sure that this solution is the simplest one.

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When your client is on a Virtual Private Network, their access to the internet is across the VPN already. It will access the HTTP service you mention through the VPN, and out through that network's egress point(s).

I presume the site on EC2 behind load balancers is a public site, so the main concern is about search engine indexing. Without knowing what use case you have for this, the simplest is a HTTP 302 redirect in your web application on that path to the DNS name that would resolve over the VPN from the client, but not for anyone else. The HTTP 302status , temporarily moved, will to tell crawlers to not index as it is "temporary," but it may still be indexed as a location eventually. It is unclear according to the documentation I have read.

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answered 3 months ago
  • Hi Rodney! Thank you for the reply.

    Probably I wasn't clear enough, but the problem not in the computer that cannot access public web-site from the VPN-network. The problem is that I would like to host a http-server inside the VPN-network and make http-queries to this server outside of the VPN-network.

    The flow is following: Rrandom HTTP-client -> AWS -> VPN-Network -> My HTTP-Server

    Why am I doing it: I have my own servers, where I host my applications, and I use AWS for hosting VPN-server. And I want clients from the public internet to make calls to my servers inside the VPN-network.

  • The HTTP/S clients would need to be on the VPN as well to make calls inside your VPN network.

    Assuming that those clients are not, then you need a public endpoint on your private network to allow traffic to be routed to that server, like our load balancers and internet gateways. It would be implementation dependent on the VPN and it's resident service.

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