7s request time GameServer with Best Practice GameLift Setup


Hi! I have the Game Lift setup how explained in the best practice.

I am doing a startGameSessionPlacement() call which sends with SNS Notifications to my Lambda function that returns the GameSession Info.

But this whole process takes 7s on average with a minimum of 3s and a maximum of 11s!

My Location of the Severs is very close to me. So it is not the internet connection.

Why does it take so long?

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A few items you can look into to investigate where that time is coming from:

  1. How long does it take for your game sessions to go active? You can test this by calling CreateGameSession on a fleet and checking how long it takes.
  2. Do you have enough capacity in your queue's fleets? Instances don't scale up instantly (assuming you're using a scaling policy), so if you're working with full or nearly full fleets, that will slow down your placement time.
  3. Is your queue's prioritization line up with your fleets scaling? Similar to above, but if your queue's priority/filter configurations make it so the first few choices are full fleets, the placements will need multiple attempts to find a destination. You may need to adjust how your queue filters/prioritizes, and/or you may need to focus on scaling for particular fleets that you want to take the most traffic.

If you after the above you need more explicit support for your resources, you can open a support case with AWS following this link: https://support.console.aws.amazon.com/support/home#/case/create


answered 9 months ago

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