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/Not able to upload files in Self more than free tier/

Not able to upload files in Self more than free tier


Hi, I subscribed for free tier and I am facing issues to upload audio files in S3..even a file of 1.5mb also not getting uploaded.kindly assist me in solving this issue so that my work can become but easier. Thank you.

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I understand you are having issues with uploading a file in your AWS S3 Free Tier Account. I would like to know what error you are getting when trying to upload audio file on S3.

Unable to upload to S3 might also be caused by :

Permissions are missing for S3:PutObject to add an object or to S3:PutObjectAcl modify the object's ACL. There is an explicit deny statement in the bucket policy. Amazon S3 Blocked Public Access is enabled The bucket access control list (ACL) doesn't allow the AWS account root user to write objects.

Check your permissions for s3:PutObject or s3:PutObjectAcl

Follow these steps:

  • Open the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console.
  • Select the identity that's used to access the bucket policy, such as User or Role.
  • Select the IAM identity name that you're using to access the bucket policy.
  • Choose the Permissions tab, and expand each policy to view its JSON policy document.
  • In the JSON policy documents, search for policies related to Amazon S3 access. Then, confirm that you have permissions for the s3:PutObject or s3:PutObjectAcl actions on the bucket.

Check the bucket policy for explicit deny statements

Follow these steps:

  • Open the AWS S3 console
  • From the list of buckets, open the bucket you want to upload files to.
  • Choose the Permissions tab.
  • Choose Bucket policy.
  • Search for statements with "Effect": "Deny".
  • Verify that your bucket policy includes the correct URI request parameters for s3:PutObject to meet the specific conditions.

As a workaround, I advice you use the AWS CLI

aws S3 cp filename S3://bucketname [4]

To configure the CLI refer to the attached link[1], to find out more benefits of a free tier customer refer to link[2] and S3 FAQs[3].

I hope this helps.






answered 15 days ago

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