Question on user directory location in Appstream 2.0 user sessions


Hi everyone -

I'm struggling a bit with the user directory structure in AppStream 2.0 during a user session.

The documentation says that the user folder is: C:\Users\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder

In my application (running a session as a user), when I browse to the user folder, the path returned is: D:\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder

I don't see this path anywhere in the documentation.

How do I get AppStream 2.0 to configure the correct drive/folder for my users as shown in the documentation?


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2 Answers

Hi, Home Folder is made available as a symlink in both the following paths (C:\Users\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder, D:\PhotonUser\My Files\Home Folder). You can use any one of these paths to write to home folder or configure your application to use home folder. You dont have to worry about the actual file path of home folder.

answered 5 years ago

Thank you!

answered 5 years ago

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