Technical query is not assigned under paid developer support plan since 4 days


I don't where to contact when AWS engineers ignore their own guideline of 24 hours of response time. It's been 4 days since the query is unassiged and work is on hold. Is there any way within techincal queries that can be used to follow up unassigned technical questions?

This is my first time to use the developer support. I was promised by the Billing guys that by purchasing this option I'd get answer between 12 to 24 hours. AWS is itself is complicated and painful and no response doesn't help.


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Thanks for posting your question here.

I'd like you to make sure that you chose the right severity level, while logging the case.

Under developer support plan, following is the target response time for each severity level:

  • General guidance: < 24 hours**
  • System impaired: < 12 hours**

Note that these are business hours and from AWS support plan documentation page, Business hours are generally defined as 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the customer country as set in My Account console, excluding holidays and weekends. These times may vary in countries with multiple time zones.

If you think that traget response time has been past already, I'd suggest you to log another case with system impaired severity as a followup case of existing one. You should get an engineer assigned on that case.

Please refer AWS Support Plan documentation for target response times for each severity level of the case.

Hope this helps.

Comment here if you have additional questions, happy to help.


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