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My Lightsail cdn is coming default page . i have connected lightsail cdn with cPanel_WHM_for_Linux-2 orgin. Please help me

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Please send tutorial for this

answered a month ago
  • I've tested several patterns using the Lightsail CDN and created an article. (Sorry in Japanese)

    In any case, if the domain name of the site account created on WHM and the custom domain or CDN host match, it should work without problems.

    Non-matching hostnames redirect from the Apache document root index.html to defaultwebpage.cgi.

  • So what to do sir?

  • So what to do sir? I read the tutorial . I need to make account with this cdn url ? . I am having whm license one domain only . i can't create more then one account


Hi, @Sangeetha.

Do you want access to WHM or cPanel?

If you want to access cPanel, you will need to create an account on the WHM console. And you will be able to specify the domain of the CDN.

Enter image description here

If you want to access WHM, you need to access it with https://<hostname>:2087.
Lightsail CDN can't point to 2087 port, so you can't access WHM via Lightsail CDN.

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answered a month ago

So what to do Sir?

answered a month ago
  • My created domain already pointed to lightsail dns. Now i need to change to route 53 ?

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