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Hello, Is there any way to establish quotas in service catalog? I would need do some tricks with lambda function and events but would like to know if there is anything more pratical. I would like for example to limit how many provisioned products a user can have.

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This pattern may provide some good ideas to implement something what you are looking for

It has the following approach that can be extended for your case

  1. The user provisions a product after authenticating to AWS Service Catalog.
  2. AWS Service Catalog launches an AWS CloudFormation template in response to the user’s request.
  3. An AWS Lambda function is invoked based on the Amazon CloudWatch rule triggered by the CloudFormation CreateStack event.
  4. The Lambda function reads the User Name and CloudFormation stack ID from the event record and stores this information in an Amazon DynamoDB database.
  5. The CloudFormation template provisions a custom resource that invokes the AWS Lambda function.
  6. The Lambda function reads the user name from the Amazon DynamoDB record associated with the CloudFormation stack ID and returns this information back to the CloudFormation template.

You may need to add your own logic to this approach and do a POC to see if it works for your needs.

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