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/Algo lags in the noon than in the morning/

Algo lags in the noon than in the morning


I am running an Algo on EC2 instance machine and its working fine in the morning but as time passes by there is a lag of 10-20sec in order placement.

I am unable to identify the issue. The python file is of only 14KB Kindly guide where is the problem and how to rectify it.

asked 6 days ago3 views
1 Answers

You don't say what instance type you're using. If you're using a T-series instance you should be aware that the CPU performance consumes "credits" and when they run out the performance may not be appropriate for your application. See our documentation for more information.

How can you fix this? You can use a larger instance type (which has more credits); you can launch the instance in "Unlimited" mode where you will be charged if (and only if) you run out of credits - but performance will not be impacted; or you can use a different instance type.

answered 5 days ago
  • The instance is t2.micro

  • In that case my comments above stand. When performance is "lagging", check the metric for CPU credits.

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