Does a DC location with a VPLS network offer any advantage over a DC where there is no DX location?


Hello , I have a customer who has several DC's. The customer is weighing options for AWS Direct Connect. This customer has several DC's in AL, AZ etc. The customer has DC's in Alabama (there is no DX location) and Las Vegas (has a DX location)where they have a VPLS network. The customer is using VMC and wants to create a hot DR site in AWS (US-east1). I do realize that it is possible for a customer to utilize AWS direct connect even when they are not in a DX location. The customer is also planning(future) on connecting other DC's to VMC. The question is what DX location should the customer prefer . Is there any valued if the customer chooses a DC with VPLS network first ?

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Hi Gaurav,

Customers can work with AWS Direct Connect Delivery Partners to extend the AWS DX connection at Layer2 in which case BGP session would be from AWS router and customer on-premises router Or Layer3 (Network layer) from the DX location to the customer location. In this case the the AWS Direct Connect Partner provides a router within the DX location that will form a BGP session with the AWS equipment. The DX partner then establishes another BGP with the customer, e.g. over an MPLS.

If the customer is located in a data center or colo facility that is not a DX location, it is best to check with that data center or colo facility for a list of preferred AWS Direct Connect Delivery Partners that can provide DX connectivity into this particular data center or colo facility.

Hope this helps

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